Faber makes your fundraising easy by providing a simple step-by-step system for any charity or not-for-profit organisation looking to raise money.faber-f

Here at Faber we are happy to support worthy causes in their fundraising efforts. We believe the best way to achieve a goal is to collaborate.

If your group is looking for a simple and exciting way to raise money then look no further. Your members and supporters can buy our wines and your organisation will receive a donation for every case sold!  Depending on the volume sold, we will donate $50-$100 per dozen.

The 5 simple steps are as follows:

  • Choose the wines from our fantastic range that you think your members and supporters would appreciate (subject to availability). If choosing wines isn't your forte, allow us to assist!
  • We provide you with a unique code that your members can use when shopping in our online store
  • We process all the orders and payments and even deliver the wine to your members free of charge.
    Included in the delivery will be personalised ‘thank you’ cards, thanking them for their support.
  • You receive a weekly statement whilst the fundraiser is active, detailing total spend + your expected weekly donation (you raise the donation invoice and we pay within 7 days).
  • When the fundraiser is finished we will provide you with a final summery of all the wines sold using your unique code!

It really is a simple as that. To learn more and start your fundraising contact us via email at info@fabervinyeard.com.au